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Having a background in both dentistry and medicine places the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in the perfect position to treat facial trauma. Most facial trauma is undertaken in an acute setting within a public hospital. Injuries can range from small cuts and lacerations to multiple facial fractures.

Today, advanced techniques with 3D imaging, hidden incision lines to minimise visible scarring, titanium plating systems and biomodelling lead to optimal aesthetic and functional outcomes in facial trauma surgery.  All Maxillofacial Surgeons at CDHB have access to these systems at Christchurch Public Hospital which are the most advanced systems available in Australiasia for treating facial trauma.  

Figure 1: A left cheekbone fracture in multiple pieces after an industrial accident.
This patients vision was threatened by this injury.

Figure 2: The same patient above after an extensive procedure repairing
his eye socket and cheek bone with multiple plates and screws.

Figure 3: Intra-operative imaging is used to assess the degree of bone alignment
whilst a patient is asleep to minimise the need for revision surgeries.