Mr Lim is not accepting referrals for the foreseeable future, our waiting list is closed.

What are Temporomandibular Disorders (TMDs)?

Temporomandibular disorders are a broad group of problems which can arise in the jaw joint, muscles or a combination of both.  These occur in a significant proportion of people at some stage during their life. Most of these problems resolve without significant intervention with the correct diagnosis and treatment advice. Common symptoms can be facial pain, headaches, jaw clicking, grating and limited mouth opening.

Most patients who seek treatment do not need any surgical intervention. However, in appropriate cases, surgery may be a viable option. 

If you are considering treatment, please peruse this website first. Often a good first step would be to seek advice from your medical GP or a medically trained Oral Medicine Physician. Anita Nolan is our first choice due to her exceptional thoroughness, knowledge level and communication skills.  

For patients requesting a surgical opinion, referral can be made via our website. Conditions that warrant surgical referral include a closed lock (mandibular opening of <35mm) and recurrent dislocations. 

A detailed referral letter is always appreciated which should include patient symptoms, signs, medical history and previous therapy

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