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The TMJ is like other joints in the body and therefore prone to the same disease processes. Osteoarthritis can occur in the TMJ as in the knee and the hip. Treatments can be similar. TMJ osteoarthritis is diagnosed by degenerative changes of the jaw joint, its socket and the capsule surrounding it. Causes can include general wear and tear, age-related changes, trauma, and rarely iatrogenic. It represents the most severe end of the internal derangement spectrum. 

In end-stage temporomandibular joint disease diagnosed with imaging or arthroscopy, a viable solution is an open procedure in the form of total replacement therapy. Like the knee or hip, the diseased anatomy can be replaced with an artificial titanium joint using the same treatment principles. 

This is a post operative CAT scan of a patient with TMJ osteoarthritis in both joints. Her definitive treatment was a bilateral TMJ TOTAL JOINT REPLACEMENT